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Laura Misch x holobiont Sound Walk

You gather beyond the fence that guards the trees within. Each step attunes you: crack of twig underfoot, screech of parakeet above, the final green glory of those sun-dappled oak leaves. Listen – do you hear that, over there, deep in the woods? A piper whose song rouses the earth, who samples the eternal sky? You follow her, this golden dryad of the trees, under fallen branches and through holly bushes, forgetting the roads and cars circling nearby. Up the wooden stairs, take a left down the lesser-trodden path, into a clearing. Take a seat – settle into this stillness. Harp and saxophone fill the space; bathe in the woodland ambience, sonorous in its simplicity.

When I take photos or videos at an event, it’s sometimes difficult to truly pay attention to what you are capturing. Your focus is elsewhere, often confined to a small viewfinder (are they in focus! is my composition good!?) Yet, when hearing the distant notes of Laura’s sax emerge from deep, dark glade, guiding us in silence through the forest, and then joined by the heavenly strings of Marysia’s harp, it became impossible to ignore what was unfolding before me (and won’t be easy to forget). Thank you to holobiont for organising such a special event!

Directed and Edited by Alex Leggatt
Stills: Alex Leggatt

DOP and Grade: Nick Bourdeaux
Creative Direction: holobiont (Anna Schlimm, Lorna Powell and Georgia Vincent)
Music: Laura Misch & Marysia Osu

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