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Laura Misch x holobiont Cloud Bath

New life breathed into an old space… an empty waiting room, stripped bare, waiting for new people to pass through. It seems fitting that space so characterised by ephemerality and transience should be used for a ‘Cloud Bath’. Clouds… those emblems of flux and change. Have you ever tried to bottle a cloud? Coleridge once wrote: ‘it is pleasant, with a heart at ease … to make the shifting clouds be what you please’. Think about it - you spot a shape in the clouds, but before you have a chance to show someone else, it dissipates and fades from white to blue. Clouds are one of the most inspiring objects of attention, precisely because of their indistinctness - they half-create, inviting you to project something of yourself onto them.

An evening of swirling projections, backlit tapestries and beanbags to sink into; a space where the self can dilate amidst a wave - no, an entire atmosphere, of sound. Bringing the outside in, a sample of the sky, a feeling bottled and shared with you.

A third in a series of events put on by holobiont and Laura Misch to celebrate the launch of Sample the Sky. Watch this space for some more performances in the new year!

Directed and Edited by Alex Leggatt

Stills: Alex Leggatt
DOP and Grade: Nick Bourdeaux
Hosted by: holobiont (Anna Schlimm, Lorna Powell and Georgia Vincent)

Spiral Projection: @vankitti
Tapestry: Seungwon Jung
Music: Laura Misch & Slow Moon

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