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Landscape Edinburgh_-1.jpg

Trip to Edinburgh

On the way down from Arthur’s Seat (leaning the body back, checking behind to make sure mum was getting down OK), I spotted a brief break in the cloud cover, a flash of gold and green. I uncapped the camera as quickly as I could – good job I did, for when I pulled my eyes away from the shutter, the whole scene had been plunged into darkness again. I didn’t expect the photo to come to anything – it was one of the last photos I took on the trip and could’ve been easily discarded, but it turned out to be my favourite. Chance and timing are such funny things… Looking back on these photos, I’m reminded of how rugged Edinburgh actually is, how many viewpoints you are rewarded with at the top of each hill. Compared to sprawling plains of London, it’s humbling to need to factor the city’s natural rises and falls into your walks. It connects you to the landscape beneath your feet – drop down into a glacier’s valley for breakfast and then hike up an ancient volcano in the afternoon sun…

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